Friday, October 19, 2018

Recovering the Corrupted Logical Volume

This Documentation for Recovering  the Corrupted Logical Volume:


Try to mount the logical volume it will display the error why because the logical volume is corrupted 

Next step:

        Verifying the logical volume default backup file from  this location ‘/etc/lvm/archive

Listing the backup file the command syntax:
                  Vgcfgrestore -l  <volumegroup name>

Next step:

       Restore the logical volume  from the backup file .
      The command sysntax :
                   Vgcfgrestore -f  <backupfile name>  <volumegroup name>

 Next Step :

     Deactivate and activate the logical volume:
           The command syntax:
               For deactivate:
          Lvchange  -an <logicalvolume name>
              For activate:
          Lvchange  -ay  <logicalvolume name>

Last step:

         Mounting a logical volume :
The command syntax:
                             Mount -a 

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