Monday, March 19, 2018

Ansible Automation (DO407) Online Training

 Ansible Automation (DO407) Online Training

Redhat course automation with ansible

This course was designed for system administrators and devops engineers who wants to implement and automated their environment.

Also helps beginers to give an good and storng foundation in automation and devops workflow .


·       why automation
·       what is automation
·       why RedHat Course for ansible
·       quick demo for redhat course labs workflow

Why Automation?
  • These days companies are implementing more technologies, so administrators are forced to working with new tools and handling lots of compatible issues while integrating technologies.
  •  Automation helps people who is doing variety of tasks with multiple technologies.
  •  Even they don't want to know how things are going.
  •  Automation are in the form of layers so that can stacked up anyway we want.
what is Automation?
  •    Automation is making a script or module that helps admin’s to do jobs without interaction and for unattended configurations.
  •     Scripts used in automation can be in any language like bash, powershell,sh...
  •     some of the automation tools and softwares helps admins to create automation from a existing foot print .
     why Redhat course for ansible?

  •    Redhat is ultimately owned ansible.
  •     Redhat has strong sound in the technical industry.
  •    Also international proved certification system.
  •    Redhat labs and exams are fully practical oriented that gives you    hands-on experience in technologies.
  •   Especially in ansible course was its desinged in a way for beginers to professionals.
  •    material was very strong in ansible features and tricks for admins to work smart.

If you want more details about Ansible , please watch the below video...

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