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Accessing the command line using the Desktop

GNOME - GNU Network Object Model Environment

Opening Terminal using keybord

1)  Alt + f2 -> type gnome-terminal

2)  Win -> search terminal 

3)  Right click select openTerminal

4)  Application -> system Tools -> termina
Linux Shell

Shell is Command line interpreter.  The Shell is Interpreting our commands

Type of Shell 

1)  SH

2)  BASH

        Sh - Bourne Shell. Sh is shell for computer Operating System. The sh shell is older one. This is used in old version. This is not user friendly one.  The shell is defaultly  showing only version of the shell

        SH Shell Prompt

                Admin User  : [sh-v-1.2]#

                Normal Users  : [sh-v-1.2]$

        BASH – Bourne Again Shell. Compare then sh shell this is latest one. The bash shell is user friendly one. It will showing the currently logged username as well as the machine name and present working directory.   

 BASH Shell Prompt 

Admin user Shell Prompt [<username>@<hostname> pwd ]# 

Example [root@systme0~]#

Normal user Shell Prompt [<username>@<hostname>pwd]$

Example [student@systme0~]$

Basic command

1)   ls

2)  cd

3)  pwd

4)  date

5)  wc

6)  clear

7)  bc

8)  nl

9)  echo 

10)      history

ls - List
        ls - is a one of the command. The ls  command is used to list the files and directorys in current working directory

cd – Change Directory
        cd – is a on of the command. The cd  command is used to switch one directory to some other directory

pwd – Present Working Directory

        pwd – is one of the command. The pwd  command is used to print the Present Working Directory

        date - is one of the command. The date command is used to print the Current date and time

wc – Word Count

        wc – is one of the command. The wc command is used to count the number of character, number of words, number of lines in the input file

        clear – is one of the command. The clear command is used to clear our terminal. To make a fresh terminal like as.

BC – Binary Calculator 

        bc – is one of the command. The bc  command is used to perform the binary calculation on our terminal

NL– Line Number

        nl – is one of the command. The nl command is used to view the file content with line number


        echo – is one of the command. The echo command is used to print the system Variable values


        history – is one of the commad. The history  command is used to print the history of terminal. It will showing the previously executed commands

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