Saturday, December 30, 2017

Red Hat OpenStack Administration I (CL110)

               Red Hat OpenStack Administration I (CL110)  

Course Overview:
This course will teach students to install a proof-of-concept, configure, use, and maintain Red Hat OpenStack Platform. This course covers the core services: identity (Keystone), block storage (Cinder), image (Glance), networking (Neutron), compute and controller (Nova), and dashboard (Horizon).

Outline for this course:               

Introduce and review the course.
Launch an instance and describe the terminology and services used in OpenStack.
Manage projects and users using Horizon.
Manage project quotas using Horizon.
Manage flavors using Horizon.
Manage images using Horizon.
·        Manage networks using Horizon.
·        Manage floating IP addresses using Horizon.
·        Manage block storage using Horizon.
·        Manage security and access to instances using Horizon.
·        Manage instances using Horizon.
·        Install an OpenStack proof of concept using PackStack.
·        Manage the Keystone identity service using the command-line interface.
·        Prepare to launch instances and manage instances using the command-line interface.
·        Manage instances using the command-line interface.
·        Manage block storage using the command-line interface.

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