Monday, September 12, 2016

Training calendar Month of May 2016

RHCE   (Week Days)  :02.05.2016 :Chennai
RHCSA (Week End)   :02.05.2016 :Bangalore
RHCE   (Week End)   :02.05.2016 :Bangalore
RHCE   (Week Days)  :11.05.2016 :Chennai
RHCE   (Week Days)  :17.05.2016 :Chennai
RHCVA (Week End)   :28.05.2016 :Chennai
CL210   (Week End)   :28.05.2016 :Chennai
RHCVA (Week End)   :29.05.2016 :Chennai
CL210   (Week End)    :29.05.2016 :Chennai
RHCSA (Week Days)  :30.05.2016 :Hyderabad
RHCE   (Week Days)  :30.05.2016 :Hyderabad

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